About Us

GAP is an non governmental organization, aiming to support sustainable development. we are call to open educational, social and transnational institutions that will be based on leadership values, microprojects finances and provide humanitarian relief.

Our Goals

Our primary goals are to create, support and strengthen communities of Africans youth leaders. Promote good governance and the participation of youth in decision-making mechanisms to finance youths small and medium projects.

Our Vision

To be in all the Major cities of Africa by 2030 and in all the communities by 2040, finally to awaken the African giant

Our Mission

Equip, train and prepare the youths to take the torch of leadership in their field of predilection for a strong Africa

Our Belief

we believe in the interdependence and collaboration of youth. Because youths are not the future but the very present

Our Staff Members

Mervis Shembo

Founder & Chairman

Daniel Lubigo

Secretary General

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Mervis Jean Paul Shembo

Founder & Chairman

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